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Transformation Studies


Transformation Studies - Societal Transformation in Periphery and Core

This is an interdisciplinary study and research program at the Leibniz University of Hannover. The program represents a cooperative endeavor between the Departments of History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Science, Sociology, as well as the English Seminar.

The focus of our teaching and research is the study of non-European societies. Thanks to long established research areas in the participating institutes and departments, a characteristic of the innovative program is the combination of classical disciplines (Anglistics, American Studies, History, Political Sciences, Sociology, Religious Science) with a regional concentration on Africa and Latin America/Caribbean.


Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society

The master’s degree Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society - established in October 2009 - is based on a concept new to the German and the international university landscape, which consciously goes beyond the current disciplinary borders. Against the background of historical and current globalisation processes it introduces the integration between the three continents around the Atlantic in the foreground of study and research, and transcends the traditional focus on national states. In contrast to other study programs concentrating on the interaction between Europe and North America, it comprehensively deals with the complex relationships between Africa, the Americas and Europe, the localisation of global processes and the peculiarities of developments in different areas of the world.

Further Information

Coordination Office

PD Dr. Ulrike Schmieder

Department of History, Leibniz University Hanover

Im Moore 21

30167 Hannover - Germany

phone (+49)(0)511-762-5735/fax (+49)(0)511-762-4479